The Boston Press Photographers Association, Inc., is constituted for the purpose of promoting and protecting the interests and welfare of the News Photographer;

To advance News Photography in all its aspects;

To provide a better understanding of the News Photographer’s problems;

To consult, cooperate and negotiate with any and all powers of authority concerning the control and/or restriction of the News Photographer in the performance of his or her duties;

To oppose vigorously and infringements and/or violations upon the rights of the News Photographer and to support and promote all programs designed to maintain the rights of a free press as guaranteed under Amendment I of the Constitution of the United States.

Member-Approved 2013 Bylaws

Application for Membership



President – Stephan Savoia, Associated Press

Vice President – Brian Snyder, Reuters

Treasurer – Neal Hamberg

Secretary - M. Scott Brauer, Freelance

Secretary – M. Scott Brauer, Freelance

President-Emeritus, Bob Howard

President-Emeritus – Bob Howard

CJ Gunther

Marshall – C. J. Gunther, EPA



Jessica Rinaldi - Freelance

Chair of the Board – Jessica Rinaldi, The Boston Globe

Angela Rowlings, Boston Herald

John Tlumacki - Boston Globe

John Tlumacki, The Boston Globe

Amy Sweeney

Amy Sweeney, Eagle-Tribune

Richard Chase

Richard Chase


Rose Lincoln, Freelance/Harvard University





Bill Greene, Boston Globe